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One Airplane Ride Ended With “I Do”

My life changed on an Airplane.

In 2013, I had the honor of holding the title “Miss Georgia United States.” One can imagine all the glitz and glamour of holding this title. Many people, mainly children, viewed me as a “princess” or “a woman of grace and poise.” But little did they know, this opportunity came at one of the darkest times in my life.

Prior to competing, my parents went through a divorce and I ended a six-year relationship I thought would last forever. Unbeknownst to me, this “title” would change my life forever. And my entire life was just a plane ride away.

July 2013 will forever reign as my favorite month and year!

Rewind to April 2013 – I was a small town girl dreaming of a big city life. The opportunity of a lifetime was offered and I had a glimpse of what the future could hold. Three months of preparation began for the national pageant. Fittings, speeches, and appearances. All this in hopes of being the best version of myself. In our nation’s capital, on the national stage, representing the great state of Georgia. No pressure. 

Throughout the process, very few people knew how under-prepared {emotionally} I truly was. Yes, I was excited to compete, it is a once in a lifetime deal, but deep down I wanted so much more. The main reason I wanted to win was to be the voice of hope and a role model for young girls. In July 6, 2013 those dreams and hopes were shattered. I did not even make the top ten. Sitting through the rest of the pageant was heart-wrenching. Watching other women compete and win something I wanted so bad.  Knowing what I know now, I never would have been the title holder the organization needed because winning was not part of God’s divine plan. 

Two days later, would become the day my life changed forever. On July 8, 2013 I woke up in a sluggish mood. All I wanted was sweatpants, Starbucks, and to be home. Thankfully, my mom told me to get dressed and wear my sash  with pride. Win or lose, I still had a state to represent. They deserved my best no matter what. So, {like any daughter would do} I got dressed. After all, mom was right.

After arriving at the airport, my teen queen and I wanted pizza so bad. Post swimsuit meal for the win! Without any interruptions, I wanted to eat my pizza, board the plane, and fly home. But with every crown and sash comes photos, autographs, and babies wanting to be held. While I was wrapped up in the hustle and bustle while boarding the plane, my now husband, was admiring me across the terminal.

It would not be until later that I realized losing would be the best thing to happen to me.

A first class upgrade would equal another important piece of the plan. Also, in first class included my teen queen and her precious mom. Teeny sat next to a gentlemen who was secretly finding out details. These details were for my future husband who just so happened to be in the seat right next to me! A conversation was then started and eventually ended with a photo of the four of us. The entire flight I could not stop looking at Nick. He was so handsome, had a smile that could light up the room, and hair any pageant girl would die for. 

In Jacksonville, Nick finally introduced himself and asked me to have dinner. Dinner happened due to a flight being delayed, a conversation Nick overheard on the plane. I never in a million years would have thought that night I would be having dinner with a complete stranger who would one day become the man I call my husband. After dinner, I knew my life would forever be changed because of this amazing man. 

Not until two months later would I find out Nick was in the same boat. In a dark place, engaged to someone he was not sure he wanted to marry, and looking for his own path.

Looking back on this experience, I have learned to thank God for every failure and loss just as much as I thank him for every success and win. Because without failure or loss, I would have never met my husband or have my precious son, Atticus. I simply would have won a crown and a title for one year. That does not even come close to the reward I was given for the rest of my life. 

In every situation, look for the positive and trust the path. Because you never know how one detail can change the rest of your life. 

I thank God everyday for letting me “lose”, because in reality, I won. 

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  1. Mary C
    Mary C October 6, 2017 at 1:19 pm #

    What an awesome story!!! Thank you so much for sharing, and welcome to the Sisterhood of Genesee County Moms Blog! 😉

    • Lacie October 6, 2017 at 1:20 pm #

      Thank you so much. 💙💙

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