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Meet Lynzie: A New Contributor

Hey there, fellow mommas! I’m so excited to become a new contributor and to share a bit about myself with you.

I’m a stay at home mom to four children. I have three girls: Henley, who’s three, Marlie, who’s one, and Addi, who’s six weeks. Ashton is two and he is our poor lonesome boy. 

We’ve had a baby every year since Justin and I got married only four short (but incredibly great and ridiculously busy) years ago. We live in Vassar, MI. We love our little town and the friends we’ve made. But I couldn’t survive this life without this guy by my side. 

Let me first say, we didn’t plan to start our family SO quickly, but we can’t imagine it any other way. Some days are so long that I just don’t know how I’ll make it to bed time. But once the time comes, I already miss hearing their little voices and feet running around. 

Henley, at three-and-a-half, is our first born. And lives up to that stereotype. Not always in a bad way – like being bossy and antagonizing. Although she IS. But in great ways too… like having a motherly love for her little siblings. She always amazes me at how much she truly cares about all of them. She’s a free-spirited goofball who loves to sing loud and love hard. She’s sassy and her humor is beyond her years. Her imagination is a place I wish I could visit for a day. She can make anything seem fun and exciting, and that’s something I will always love about her.

Ashton, at two-and-a-half, is our “Bubba” and our one and only son. He has a special place in my heart for those reasons, and I feel no shame in admitting that. You always hear about the special bond mothers and sons share and it’s 100% true. He has the ability to melt me with his hugs and kisses… and the way he says, “luh you mom,” without me saying it first. He is actually sitting in my lap as I type this. He is so genuinely thoughtful and kind. His heart is so sweet and caring. He loves to be goofy as long as you don’t make a big deal of it. As soon as you pay attention, or God forbid, tell him he’s cute, he’s done. He has always loved music, especially the guitar {that’s what daddy plays}. He also has a love for animals, as long as they keep their distance.

Marlie, at eighteen months, is our little bruiser. She quickly had to learn to defend herself… and she’s good at it. She has the lungs of a full grown man, and when she’s angry, you know it. The scream reaches notes unheard of. She’s the cutest little thing you’d ever see with a button nose and round little belly. She’s really talking a lot these days, and her voice is the cutest thing in the world. She’s a daddy’s girl, and I absolutely love watching their little relationship flourish. She snuggles him ANY time he picks her up! Her perfect day would consist of snacks, some chocolate milk, and reading books. All. Day. Long. She’s our little reader, and I hope she always has an appreciation for books.

Last but not least, we have Addi, who is only six weeks. She is such a beautiful baby, who quickly stole our hearts. She’s an amazing sleeper, and honestly just wants snuggles. I had a great pregnancy with her and experienced my best delivery with her as well. She’s just little now, but I know she’s going to love being a part of this crazy family of ours.

I could go on and on about these kids because they are my life! They keep me busy and make me crazy, but I love them more than I thought possible. They also give me LOTS to write about! So, I truly look forward to sharing some of my life and my experiences with you. 

Thanks for reading!

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