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Happy Father’s Day: An Ode to the Men in Our Lives

It’s almost Father’s Day. Now, I realize that this is a moms blog, but that doesn’t mean we can’t write about men, right?  Especially with Father’s Day fast approaching. I want to do just that – write about men. I want to celebrate the fathers in MY life and I hope you have a plan to celebrate the fathers in yours…

  • Your own dad(s). 
  • Your husband. 
  • The father of your child(ren). 
  • Your son if he is a father. 
  • And if you are a single parent pulling double-duty, I hope you are celebrated, too!

World’s Greatest Dad
My dad has always been the rock of our family. Growing up, I may not have shown it, but I loved my dad. I’d be willing to bet that I am part of the reason he has gray hair, too. I can guarantee that I caused him his share of grief – heck, what kid doesn’t? Nonetheless, I will forever cherish the countless rides on his motorcycle, camping trips with just him and  I, family vacations, endless help with homework, some really high points in our lives and yes, even some devastatingly low points. Thank you for working so hard for us so that we were able to grow up the way we did. And daddy, I still do love you – probably more now than ever. 

World’s Best Grandpa
I love that my daughter has you as a Grandpa. Thank you for loving her, treasuring her, spoiling her, looking at her the way you look at her (yeah, I see that glimmer in your eyes), and even “kicking her in the butt” when she needs it (even though she is just 2 years old, Lord knows, she acts like, well, as you would say, “just like her mom”) – just like you did for me. She loves her Grandpa so much and it is evident that you have just as much love for her.

Grandpa and his littlest love

The other men in our lives. 

I would be remiss if I left out these other men in our lives. All of whom are fathers. All of whom would be there at a drop of the hat. Thank you for being an example. A roll model.  Thank you for being good fathers, not only to your own child(ren), but showing my daughter your love as her uncles and grandpas. 

Baby with her daddy and uncles

She is so lucky to have 3 Grandpas who love her unconditionally

Dearest Husband
The old adage, “to save the best for last” is inserted perfectly right here. I am saving the best for last. How do you even begin to say thank you to the man who has been there for you during some low and dark times and equally high and cheerful times? Before baby, you were my rock star. Always cheering me on and being supportive – never leaving my side. After baby, you have become our Superman (seriously, just ask your daughter)! Never leaving our side. 

A fixer, a doer, a lover, a teacher. You kiss boo-boos and give kisses good night. You braid hair and get your nails painted in return. You’ve gained a fishing and Home Depot buddy for life! My hardworking, protective and giving husband, you’re doing your best to make sure we raise a confident, yet humble child.

Thank you for being the most amazing husband to me and the most amazing daddy to our daughter. We are our own little perfect and for that we will be forever grateful! 

Take a minute and be sure to call the special men in your lives this Father’s Day!  Let them know just how much love and respect you have for them and the roll they have in your life.

 Happy Father’s Day!


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