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Grandmothers: It’s Their Mother’s Day, Too

It was the morning of my second Mother’s Day. I was 36 weeks pregnant and had spent the night before puking my guts out at my mom’s house. I had somehow acquired the flu. I vomited all over my mom’s off-white carpet while she took care of my 22-month-old. I decided that it was the perfect time to throw a pity-party. My, typically thoughtful, husband hadn’t done much for me for this holiday, either. Boo freaking hoo.

News Flash: I am not the first woman to have a tiny human exit my body.

There’s no Me in Mother’s Day
I hate to admit this, but I was bitter during my first couple Mother’s Days because they weren’t centered around me. I’m ashamed of my old feelings now. I wanted my first Mother’s Days to be about me, me, me. I wanted to sleep in and be pampered. I didn’t want to change a single dirty diaper or do any kind of housework. I wanted meals prepared for me and I wanted everyone to tell me that I was the Carol Brady equivalent. There clearly should have been a firework display and trumpets tooting their glory to me.

Then, my mom got cancer, advanced cancer. I didn’t know if it was going to be our last Mother’s Day together.

That Mother’s Day changed me.

Giving Thanks to Grandma
Today, I love Mother’s Day and I love sharing it. I am blessed to have both a mother and mother-in-law in my life who are remarkable moms and women. Both of these grandmothers do a tremendous amount to help our family of four. Yes, feeding them sugar is part of the gig, I finally gave up on that one. Our children look forward to seeing them and I am so glad for the memories they are making. The one thing they give us that is the most sentimental though is their time.

These grandmothers have not only raised some pretty stellar children {if I do say so myself}, but they continue to guide, support, and love. Just because their children are grown, doesn’t mean that their job is over. These grandmothers also nurture their grandchildren so that they too, will flourish. These women are tough, resilient, and caring to the core.

Grandma’s Gift of Sanity
More so, the grandmothers in our lives give us the gift of sanity. They take our precious, dirty-fingered children overnight so that mom and dad can spend some uninterrupted time together. They remember that this is vital in a marriage. They have never once made us feel awkward or guilty about asking them to watch the kids. This is such a blessing in our house. The parents get some time away and our children get a chance to build memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s Not Just About Us
Moms do a lot. Some days it feels like we do most of it. I know. Some of us aren’t as lucky and don’t have mothers who are still here on earth or who are just not that involved. I’m one of the lucky ones and I’m going to let the grandmothers know it. I want this Mother’s Day to feel special for them. This year will be spent brunching and giving the grandmothers handmade crafts from the kids.

Yes, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want a little of the attention too, but now instead of feeling bitter, I love giving that love to the two grandmothers in our life. So, this Mother’s Day, clank some wine glasses together with the grandmother or grandmothers in your life because they most certainly deserve it.

What do you do to celebrate the grandmothers in your life?

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