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Lost in the Mom Shuffle: How to Stay Inspired

As a mom sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration and hope when life can be so darn demanding.  Everyone is our lives need something from us.  Our time, our affections and our care are always on demand.  And of course, as Moms, we do not complain but offer these things freely.  But even in the midst of finding our happiness in providing care for others, we get lost in the mom shuffle.  Sometimes dreams, hopes, and vision die because as Moms we just do not have enough hours in a day.  But this is what I say to that, “Wake up the inspiration inside of you!”   



Moms have to stay Inspired. What I’ve learned is to use my children, and my husband to live my life inspired through their eyes.  Every move I make, their eyes are watching.  Recently I did a local event for my inspirational blog and newly published book.  This was a huge investment for my family not only financially, but also an investment in the future of my family.  Each one of my family members left inspired.  I saw the gleam in my husband’s eyes that we were living out purpose together.  Inspiring our community is a goal we have that we want to accomplish together.  My children also worked the event, and we made it special for them, giving them both special badges (Kingston 7, Jase 5).  They were so geeked! They talked about putting on their own events in the future to help others.  Still to this day they talk about the event.

What other ways can Moms feel inspired? Read, listen to music, attend inspirational conferences.  I visited Grand Rapids, MI to attend a Joyce Meyers conference with some girlfriends recently.  It was amazing! Her ministry is such an inspiration.  I drew from that experience sitting in that auditorium with hundreds of other women.  What I walked away from the conference with was the inspiration to seek out my own purpose, and chase it!  This is how we unintentionally serve our families and live inspired all at once.  While we are chasing purpose, it inspires others to do so too.  For so many years I missed this.  I kept finding myself in this cycle of wishing my dreams would come to true, instead of working for my dreams to come true.  And we can do this still being a great wife, and Mom.  Inspiration is unlocked through other’s inspiration.  

Inspiration is contagious, so guess what Moms, I’m tagging you! Go chase those dreams down, and be the best wife, and Mom ever doing it!! The inspiration starts with us! That makes me feel so proud to be able to show my kiddos that Mom chased her dreams.  Guess what? You can do it too! So I’ll leave you to it until next time Loves! 

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