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Dads Who Take Care of Business

Praise the Dads who take care of business!

In a society that continually sends the message that men, and more specifically fathers, are buffoons (hello, Homer Simpson & Peter Griffin!), I have a strong belief that we need to build up our husbands. Especially, in the minds of our children.

This Father’s Day month, and all year round let’s show some appreciation of the hard-working dads who go to work every day in order to take care of their families.

My magnificent husband is a prime example. I don’t thank him anywhere near as often as I should, but I make a point of building him up in my children’s eyes. When they gripe about him being at work again, I remind them that his hard work is what makes it possible for us to live in our wonderful house. His hard work makes their extraordinarily picky eating possible. His hard work makes it possible for me to stay home with them.

How about those selfless dads who force themselves to get up to go to a job that they can’t stand so that they can provide for their families? Those everyday heroes who listen to their wives complain about the hardships of being at home all day with their children? Dads who never get to make it to school field trips, but never miss an after-school recital or concert or baseball game? Who come home from work exhausted but still have time and energy for a big smile and a long wrestling match with their little ones?

A Real-Life Hero

Superheroes are all the rage right now. Captain America and Peter Quill and Batman steal the hearts and imaginations of our little boys. I make it a point to remind my children whenever we see a soldier in uniform that those are real-life superheroes. They fight the forces of evil to keep us safe and free.

For some children, those real-life superheroes are also named Dad. But for all the other children, let’s make sure they are reminded that Dad is also a superhero just for being Dad.

Not Just on Father’s Day

So, let’s set our minds on praising Dad for the little things, now and for the rest of the year. Let’s try to have less “Ugh, your father forgot to put his dishes in the dishwasher” and more “Isn’t Daddy wonderful for cutting the grass and fixing the leaky faucet, even after a hard day at work?” More loving on him and leading our children by example to love on him.

Thank you, dads.

Happy Father’s Day. ♥

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