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Winter Survival Guide from the Extroverted Mom

Navigating life as an extroverted SAHM can be, well…hard. Before I became a SAHM, my mom would occasionally (and politely, of course) suggest that I just wasn’t cut out to be one. I used to take a little offense to this, but I now understand that she was partially right. Due to my Greek DNA, it can be incredibly difficult for me to “stay home” all day without any adult interaction. All three of my brothers are the same way. We love people. We love talking to people. We love eating great food with people. We thrive around others. So, staying home with two small children who like to talk about poop and Daniel Tiger all day can get a tad old. And fast. As we know, winter can be even more difficult and sometimes we may just lose our minds.

There is something magical about the first snowfall, but let's be honest, it gets old here in Michigan.

There is something magical about the first snowfall, but let’s be honest, it gets old here in Michigan.

Like many moms, when we are finally out in public, especially during those cold months, we will talk to anyone. Anyone. Let’s take the grocery store for example. If anyone makes eye contact with me, then boom, I will strike up a conversation with you. I will talk to you about anything. The weather? Sure. How adorable my kids are? Of course. How mischievous my kids are? Absolutely. So, instead of being the desperate, creepy lady at the grocery store, here are some more sane ideas to survive this winter with children:

Weekly Events

For-mar Nature Preserve – I cannot rave about this place enough. The environment is invitingly serene and the teachers are amazing for little ones. Check-out the calendar for some winter morning classes for the kids. They’ll learn about anything from animal bones to migration. Kids love nature and it’s a wonderfully unique place to learn about it.

Barnes n’ Noble – They offer a free story time almost every Tuesday and Friday morning where there will be a cute book and then a craft. They hold other special occasion story times as well.

Fort Clarkston – If you have a “spirited” child who needs to be let out like a dog, then this place is a must. There are enormous playscapes for all ages. There is also a café, bar for the parents (yes, please), and several games like skeeball.  

McDonald’s with a playscape {Yup, I went there} – Don’t judge me! A few French fries won’t kill them and you know you like them too. It’s easy. It’s fun. You’re out of the house. 

Give yourself a break and get a sweet or salty (or both) treat and let your kids play.

Give yourself a break and get a sweet or salty (or both) treat and let your kids play.


Grand Blanc Gymnastics – Here is yet another way for the kids to burn off some cooped-up energy. There are open gym times as well as classes for all ages.

Flint Children’s Museum –  This is a wonderful place for your kids to do anything hands-on. There is even a room for crawlers and early walkers.

The museum is a wonderful place for children of all ages and interests!

The museum is a wonderful place for children of all ages and interests!

Flint Iceland Arena Open SkateGet out on the rink for some active winter fun.

Home Depot Kids’ WorkshopsThis is a great activity for little builders and artists to craft their skill.

Genesee District Libraries – Check-out your local library for story times or even yoga classes for the little ones.

Community Events

The Enchanted Princess Ball – This event, in Lapeer, is bound to wow all of the girly-girls. I know I have one who I’ll be taking!

"I'm a princess, all day, all night."

“I’m a princess, all day, all night.”

Cinderella at The Whiting Take your little princess to see the real deal!

Kids Play With Clay – If you have a child who loves art, this is a can’t-miss in Clio. You can sign-up for all of the classes or simply show-up to just one.

Flint Firebirds Hockey -Take your sports junkie to an athletic event so they can cheer on their local team. 

Zehnder’s Snowfest in Frankenmuth – Not technically in Genesee County, but Snowfest will definitely be worth the extra few miles. This is a family event full of winter activities for all ages. Your kids will be in awe after seeing all of the ice

Keep in mind that these are merely tips to “survive” the winter. If you’re anything like me, you will lose your mind an average of 127 times a day this winter. When these ideas fail, group text your friends so they can share their mom woes as well. Misery certainly adores company. Am I right?

What are your winter survival tips? We’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Rebecca January 4, 2017 at 10:31 pm #

    Also Sloan Museum in Flint has fun travelling exhibits and a really nice play area for the kids.