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Dollar Store Decor: Easter Edition

Spring is finally here and Easter is around the corner! And even though the temperature isn’t showing spring yet, it doesn’t mean your home decor can’t!

I absolutely love spring colors. Something about them is just so uplifting after a long, dreary winter!

This week, my oldest and I took to the local Dollar Tree to see if we couldn’t find some cute Spring and Easter decor on a budget. We found such awesome stuff! The dollar store is really stepping up their game!

Here’s my helpful sidekick doing her own shopping!

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many Easter and spring decor options in store! The had wire wreaths, plastic Easter eggs, sparkly easter eggs, gardening accessories, fashion accessories, and so many fake flower options.

So pretty, right?!

So we made our way through the entire store, loading our carts with tons of awesome decorations and some items that are a little less conventional for decorating with. It’s important to look at all of the aisles when shopping the dollar store. You never know what you might find! For example: we found some fun vases and burlap wired ribbon tucked back by the baby shower decor.

So here was our haul…

From left to right: assorted flowers and greens, burlap wired ribbon in both pink and tan, decorative shred, a scarf, a cute canvas print that says ‘Happiness is Home Grown’, two wire wreaths, spring cookie cutters, easter eggs galore, and two square vases (one short, one tall). I pulled up from my own crafting supply the gold frame, wood wreath, glue gun and scissors. I GOT ALL OF THESE NEW SUPPLIES FOR $20!

Now lets see what you can do with them:

Projects in under 5 minutes

  • Take one of your short square vases, add some decorative shred and top with mini plastic eggs or flower buds.

  • Here I’ve paired to short vase with buds with a print I already owned from last year and some tall candle holders that I keep up year round that match the rooms decor.

  • I also took my new $1 canvas print, set it on a photo stand that you can also find at the dollar store and added it to my existing easter decor: eggs in a vintage milk glass container.

  • Using the tall vase, I filled it with small easter eggs and then added flowers on top to add a little more height to this corner.

There are a lot of quick and easy ways to add just a touch of spring color and detail to your already existing decor. Each of these projects  on their own cost $3 or less!

Wreaths are a fun, festive way to change up the front of your house each season. I was recently at a craft store and was looking at their spring floral wreaths. You couldn’t get a nice, full size wreath for less than $50! Yeah right, not happening. Here are some wreath options that cost $5 or less and take about 15 minutes to put together.

Here I started with a wire wreath frame. I wrapped 9 feet of wired burlap around my frame. It is MUCH easier to work with wired ribbons when making a wreath because it easily holds the shape that you want it to. Next, I added a 4 foot strand of leafy greens to the frame by simply wrapping it in the area that was left exposed. Last I added in purple and white assorted florals on top of the wrapped greens. You can use a hot glue gun to secure the flowers to the wreath. I chose not to glue the flowers so I am able to change out the floral arrangement to match each season. I simply slid the flower stems into my wreath and they stayed just fine!

Here is the finished product hanging on my door:


For my next wreath I actually used a scarf that I found at the dollar store!

Here are the details: I started with the fashion scarf and another wire wreath frame. I secured the scarf to the frame using a hot glue gun. I put a dot of glue about every 2 inches and attached the scarf to the wreath. Once the scarf was secured all the way around the frame I had quite a bit of scarf left (as you can see in the second picture) so I wrapped the remaining scarf around the wreath (picture three) and secured it with hot glue (picture four). Last I added fake white lilies to on top of the area of wreath where I had wrapped up the remaining scarf. You can see in the last picture that I took the blossom right out of the stem and greens. 

Here is the final product:

There are plenty of ways to add some color to your decor this spring just by paying a visit to your local dollar store!

What ways do you like to decorate for spring?

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One Response to Dollar Store Decor: Easter Edition

  1. Lisa April 6, 2017 at 10:45 am #

    Emily, you have inspired me! I need to head back to the dollar store! Great job, I love the wreaths!