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Baby’s Favorite Book Series

We all have something we love to buy for our kids. For some moms, it’s buying baby clothes.  I, however, feel contented with the many hand-me-downs we have received from friends.  Our family loves to buy outfits for us, too. My vice?  Kids’ books!  They’re inexpensive, entertaining, and educational.  

For the first few months I would read to my daughter in her crib: sometimes to get her to fall asleep, other times for the entertainment (think Dr. Seuss). Eventually, though, she began reaching for the books.  She’s currently nine months old, and very skilled with her hands.  Books that she can interact with via touch are now her favorites!  

There are a lot of great books; but there’s something especially cool about series.  Once you know your baby enjoys a book, you can’t go wrong buying another in the same line-up.  And collecting is just fun!  

Here are Luna’s current favorite books series:

Alphaprints (Priddy Books)

This series really kick-started our daughter’s love for touching books.  Around six months old, her grandparents could always get her to sit in a chair with them, so long as they read her one of these!  The simple bold graphics really draw kids in.  Then when they realize the finger prints are raised bumps, they can’t get enough!

Luna’s pick: Alphaprints: ABC

Baby Touch and Feel (Penguin Random House)

It took her a little longer to realize there was something to feel on these pages.  But once she started touching the furry animals… let’s just say, she expects every single board book to be tactile, now!

Luna’s pick: Roar! Roar!

Little Learners Finger puppet books (Parragon)

This series covers classics that your child probably already knows from other books, or cartoons.  But, with finger puppets – ’nuff said.

Luna’s pick: Five Little Monkeys

Usborne – variety of peek-under books

Chances are good that you’re already familiar with Usborne, the direct-sales company, from your friends’ online parties.  While I love the idea behind direct-sales (making money for your friends), I just don’t buy much for myself.  Again, children’s books are my exception!  These books with flaps are just the coolest thing at my daughter’s age (9 mo+).  Search for “Little Red Penguin” or “Peek Inside”.

Luna’s pick: Learn Colors [with Little Red Penguin]

Whenever you can, it helps to keep your money local.  That could mean buying through direct-sales, or shopping at your local bookstore.  Fenton’s Open Book is one store that carries some of these brands.

Do you have a local go-to book shop? Share it with us! Share your child’s favorite book with us, too!

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